Monday, February 25, 2013


       A great many Christians have embraced the philosophy of “dancing with Jesus in a field of grace” in order to justify a worldly and weak lifestyle that allows them to live far beneath the discipline required of a true follower of Christ.  Would we not be better served, and would not Jesus be more perfectly presented to the world, if, rather than
wallowing in grace, we would lie prostrate before our Father God in radical prayer and with much importunity, beseeching Him to be infused with the power of His Spirit in order to live a lifestyle that more perfectly aligns itself with His majesty?

Paul wrote to Timothy to “remember those things that you have heard and those that you have heard them of.”  But today we not only easily forget what we have been taught, but, in many cases, criticize and ridicule those that have endeavored to teach us the truths of God.  Having itching ears, we heap to ourselves teachers that will give us permission to live far beneath the precepts of God, or, in come cases, in outright sin.

There is a clear and certain sound returning to the body of Christ that proceeds from the throne room of God Himself.  But, having embraced profane babblings and cunningly devised fables, many have deafened their ears to the truth of God!  Not wanting to lay down their lives for Christ’s sake, they have rejected the high calling of Christ and selected a lifestyle of deceptive comfort.  But the voice of God will not be hushed and the plan of God will not be thwarted!  There will always be those that desire Him, and hear Him, and answer His calling.  Let us seek to be conformed to the image of Christ, for the bride must be worthy of the Groom!

Ronnie Coleman

Feb 19, 2013

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  1. Comment from Alan Newton

    My Dear Ronnie: Thanx for your latest blog from New Life. I read it with interest, and pondered the challenges, as you see them. It is obvious that you have a committed passion to being a pure servant in the House of the Lord. Please, take no offense at my reply, My Brother, for none is intended.

    Your opening paragraph describes a position of humility and low estate in the presence of a powerful and fearful God that is best served on your face before Him. I respectfully disagree with your assessment of My Father in that context. Maybe you haven't yet met My Father, and the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Him whom the Hebrews knew as Yashua. I have yet to find scripture or instructions from our Elder Brother, Yashua, telling me that the best way to come to Our Father is on my face, or hands and knees. Do your children come into your presence on their faces, praying for you to accept them? I doubt it. Actually, they probably know you as a loving Dad, wishing only to better their lives by instilling in them the grace of being comfortable and at home in your presence. If your children and family members beheld you the way you indicate we should behold God, I don't think they would come around you very often. I hope that isn't the case, and that your family is as welcome in your presence as you are in God's presence. Come boldly, Ronnine, into the presence of a Merciful and Loving Abba, and find the grace you need in whatever circumstance live bestows upon you. Isn't that what you want your children to do?

    Religion has portrayed to us a God of strict consternation, and demanding responses of obedience and exactness. What a dispicable and distorted concept of Our Father, Which Art In Heaven! Actually, the word 'religion' only shows up in our scriptures a few times, and in each case it is in a negative context. 'Religion' comes from a Latin word that means "...a return to bondage." The concept of this word indicates that we are looking for a renewed set of rules and regulations of strict piety to maintain so that we can be pleasing to God. That is certainly not the picture Yashua showed us. 'Yashua' means "...salvation; to be set free from all encumbrances that would prevent you from manifesting Our Fathers Life in your daily affairs." That is why Yashua was so casual and relaxed being God in Flesh, and why others were so comfortable in His presence. He wants your fellowship, not your obedience. He wants your relationship, not your service. When He has your relationship, you will serve Him. But there will be no sweat involved. Hanging around God should be the most relaxing and refreshing experience you will ever have.

    You are already filled with God's Spirit. But for some reason you don't believe that, or recognize it. I hope that will change. I hope you can come to see yourself, and everyone, as already pleasing to God. For when people know that they are already clean and spotless in God's sight, they will begin to respond to how they see themselves.

    "When you change the way you look at things (and yourself), the things you look at will begin to change."

    Again, My Brother, please take no offense at my reply, for none is intended. I only hope to inspire you to see your self as Our Father sees you. For when He looks at us, He only sees His Son, which is Christ. And I know that you know that is scriptural.

    Shalom, Ronnie. And have a Wonder Filled Day in Christ, for His Name in You is Wonderful! Is.9:6 alan

    ps: your name, 'Ronnie', in Hebrew means "My Song". I thought you would like to know that.