Tuesday, March 17, 2020

By Steve Hobbs
New Life has suspended public gatherings through next week at least, and more information will follow as the situation develops.
When the church in Jerusalem came under persecution beginning with the death of Stephen, most believers fled that persecution (Acts 8:1-4) and wherever they went continued to preach the word. I suppose a case could have been made by the apostles who remained in the city that a true man or woman of faith would never run in the face of danger, but no one seems to have arrived at that conclusion.
We use the phrase “leap of faith” sometimes. It’s a reference to the second temptation

Thursday, March 5, 2020

                                WHERE'S THAT DONKEY?                            

We preachers have been known to embellish the Word just a bit, adding a pinch of fiction, a dash of tradition, and maybe even a little exaggeration in our bid to make Sunday's serving of the Manna a little more appealing to the ear, and, just maybe, more appetizing to the spiritual palate. I'd like to share a few examples:

1/ “Brothers and Sisters, Saul was breathing out threatening and slaughter