Saturday, August 19, 2017


I cherish the memorials I have of my parents, in fact, those of all my ancestors.  When I look on them I remember all those right things they did….and, I remember the wrongs.  The good I recall with the deepest pride and appreciation, and I am inspired to emulate them.  Their error I rehearse

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


The pollination of crops is critical to our food supply, and, therefore, our survival.  Among the most essential pollinators are the honeybees, which have undeniably decreased in numbers.  One estimate is that we have dropped from 6 million managed hives at the close of WWII to less than 2.5 million today while our area of crops needing bee pollination has increased over 300% in that same period.  

Many feel there is a present decline of authentic biblical Christianity in America.  If this is true,