Thursday, November 15, 2012


          Our president has been sharply criticized for his statement: “You didn’t build that!”  Although I might adamantly insist that “I did,” I am persuaded of the facts that I did not without the help of others build anything.  Educationally, others provided rudimentary knowledge which I used in what I built.  Materially, others furnished parts of what I built.  Elementally, the One provided everything I and the others used to build what I built.

          How disgustingly arrogant I am!  And, at once, how naively puny!  If not for my educators, my life span would never afford the time required to discover the intricacies of building a bicycle, let alone a multi-billion dollar business.  If not for parts providers - assuming I had the expertise - I would require three hundred years to manufacture an automobile.  If not for the One there would be nothing to build with, nor would I be here to think I built it.