Monday, September 28, 2020


Strictly civil for most, moral for a few and spiritual for possibly 10% of us: If President Donald Trump took full advantage of every deduction recognized as legitimate by the US tax code, what crime has he committed. If he for all his taxable years jumped through every legal tax loophole that congress has refused to close for sake of its own use, what has he done that makes him alone worthy of condemnation? If he has violated any tax law at all, where has the IRS been all these years??

For the 10% of the US: Matt 22:17-21: Romans 13:1-7


Sunday, September 13, 2020



About 5 years ago I had back pain, depression and suicidal thoughts. Insomnia prevailed. I would lie down to sleep but fear would overwhelm me: the fear that I may forget my wife's name, or that, if I did sleep, I may not wake up. I was diagnosed with West Nile virus by a doctor who prescribed a medication called Ambien and some other forms of rehabilitation which only made matters worse. I wanted to end it all and just go on as peacefully

Thursday, August 27, 2020


August 30, 2020.  Look out your window.  Take a close look America at our nation, our Christian Church, our Christian families.  Are you pleased with what you see?

Genesis 3.  The judgment of God? No way!  If we apply a Bible principle, we will receive the promised Bible result of its application; if we abandon that Bible principle we abort its promise. It is our choice to make and our result to receive. We be the judge.

The New Testament clearly defines male and female roles in reference to