Sunday, April 12, 2020


All of this change has led me to consider our Christian traditions. Specifically, what is tradition and what is not? We know that the word of God says, "The traditions of men make the word of God of none effect." But does that mean that all traditions are wrong? Most of us have probably thought, at some time, that even our gatherings as a body were more tradition than they should be, but when the ability to have that gathering is taken away, the absolute importance of "having church" comes quickly into focus! I know that the church is not a building, that it is not contained within any walls but I also know that when we come together as a body there is exponential strength gained and that strength, that encouragement, that stabilizing atmosphere is not easily attained individually, which leads me to this thought...what have I contributed to the table of the Lord? What have I given to the body? Have I been able to encourage as much as I have been encouraged? Have I contributed? These questions are not directed at anyone else. This is God's question to me. I will cherish the opportunity to gather with my brothers and sisters when it comes again, and it will come again! We will not be together tomorrow but I will praise Him, I will worship Him, I will bow before Him, but I would love to fulfill that Easter Sunday "tradition" of meeting together. Because I have realized that it is not a tradition at all but a necessary and vital part of living in Christ, as are all our gatherings! " Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as you see the day approaching."...Heb.10:25.

Ronnie Coleman

Saturday, April 11, 2020


Oh, how greatly to be praised we are: we are the very best at everything, the greatest generation of mankind ever. We are the wealthiest since the fall. We are far more intelligent than all who ever lived before us. We are the most technologically advanced of all humans ever. We have greater military prowess than all the past war forces combined. Why, we could come near destroying the whole planet and all life on it with the push of a button. All this said (and much believed among us), isn't is amazing in these days what this little Corona “Micro-virus” has done to us, we nations of “Macro-men?” In the space of a fortnight our international health and wealth is compromised and all our combined military might is totally useless against this enemy so insignificantly small.

But there really was, and eternally is, One Macro-Man. His name was, and yet is, Logos. He is the Word of God. His flesh and bone name is Jesus. His surname, individually and corporately, is Christ. His universal title is Lord. He is the Kurios: the Supreme; the Possessor; the Sovereign. He subdued all things unto Himself, not by force and taking, but by love and giving. And, there is nothing in all of this fallen creation that can bring any lasting harm to any of us who trust in Him, no, not the mini-microbe nor any of earth's macro-men.