Saturday, September 25, 2021



A greedy, irresponsible multitude of lying, cheating, thieving politicians, bureaucrats, and freeloaders of every description steal, squander, embezzle and waste tons of U.S. (OUR) tax dollars every year. An “Untold Number” of Americans use that fact to justify their own cheating, stealing and lying to the IRS about their income. “Scores” of Americans know all about these two groups and would themselves join in the cheating, lying and stealing but for the fear of being caught, or for the fact that they are employed in such way that prevents it. “Some” Americans, despite their neighbors' thieving behavior, pay the IRS honestly for sake of conscience (Hats off to their parents). A “Few” patriotic Americans pay their taxes honestly, despite their knowledge of the foregoing facts, because its the “American” thing to do. “Christian” Americans (Christians of the real sort) pay their taxes to