Saturday, April 11, 2020


Oh, how greatly to be praised we are: we are the very best at everything, the greatest generation of mankind ever. We are the wealthiest since the fall. We are far more intelligent than all who ever lived before us. We are the most technologically advanced of all humans ever. We have greater military prowess than all the past war forces combined. Why, we could come near destroying the whole planet and all life on it with the push of a button. All this said (and much believed among us), isn't is amazing in these days what this little Corona “Micro-virus” has done to us, we nations of “Macro-men?” In the space of a fortnight our international health and wealth is compromised and all our combined military might is totally useless against this enemy so insignificantly small.

But there really was, and eternally is, One Macro-Man. His name was, and yet is, Logos. He is the Word of God. His flesh and bone name is Jesus. His surname, individually and corporately, is Christ. His universal title is Lord. He is the Kurios: the Supreme; the Possessor; the Sovereign. He subdued all things unto Himself, not by force and taking, but by love and giving. And, there is nothing in all of this fallen creation that can bring any lasting harm to any of us who trust in Him, no, not the mini-microbe nor any of earth's macro-men.

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