Monday, April 8, 2013

Words from Jesus

Therefore everyone who acknowledges me before men and confesses me out of a state of oneness with me I will also acknowledge him before my Father who is in heaven and confess that I am abiding in him.  But, if you deny me and disown me before men I will deny and disown you before my Father.  No man comes to the Father but by and through me.  Many will come in appropriating to themselves My Name which belongs
to me basing their claims on the use of my name saying I am he and they will mislead many.  He who speaks of his own authority seeks to win honor for himself.  He whose teaching originates with himself seeks his own glory.  But he who seeks the glory and is eager for the honor of Him who sent Him, he is true and there is no unrighteousness in him.
Jesus said he is the door to the sheepfold and he is the good shepherd and recognizes his own and his own know and recognize him. Listen to his voice, sheep. Leave with Him you cares and begin life anew.  Yes, you will have a cross to bear but his cross is the only one to which you should kneel.  His sheep know his voice-the wolf is merely dressed as one.  Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?  Instead, have a reverential fear of the one who has the power over death.  The one who has tasted it, swallowed it up, and defeated it for you and me.  His name is Jesus, the Son of Man.
Sons of God, may we soon comprehend that all things have been put under his feet.
To all the little Jesus' out there-that title fight has already been won-there was only One who could win it-the Only Begotten of the Father.  He did not die to justify sin-He completely defeated it-in this he redeemed what was lost in the beginning.

Carl Hewett

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