Monday, February 20, 2012

A Word Given to Ronnie Coleman

A word given to Ronnie Coleman
Wednesday February 15, 2011
Received while in private evening prayer
Intended for New Life, but also for the broader body of Christ

In the beginning I called you and gathered you by my Spirit � placed my desire in your hearts and drew you unto me.  This was no accident but a sovereign move of my Spirit.  I sent my choice servants unto you � even my apostles and prophets to lay a firm foundation under you.  Some of you have remained from the beginning. Some of you I have drawn back form the brink of the abyss, others I have awakened from a deep sleep.  I count you all the same for it is not for you these things have been done but for the glory of my name.  For a long season I have
tried you with fire, but the time of the trying fire is at an end, but the fire of my Spirit shall burn within you.  And I shall establish a standing glory among my people.  It shall be a sign unto the nations.  It will not be the glory of the cloud by day or of the fire by night, for these things have passed away having served their purpose.  But a far greater glory of the reality of my person it shall be, not a representation or shadow, but a reality, for I have already begun to turn the page and I will separate that which has been from that which is.  I have already sent my Spirit as the whirlwind upon the earth.  And it will bring contention among the peoples of the earth to further add and subtract, multiply and divide until my people are separated unto me.  And there will come a new praise in the earth, a pure praise unto me and a Holy rejoicing among my people.  Your joy shall be greatly multiplied because of my reality residing among you.  You shall rejoice at the marrying of the young and of the old, for they shall marry in me, and if they are not in me, you shall not marry them.  You shall rejoice at the bringing forth of a child and sing songs of praise at the death of the aged one.  You shall rejoice at the breaking of ground and the planting of the seed.  You shall sing and rejoice at the breaking forth of the plant and the bringing forth of the harvest.  Neither shall you have abundance, and neither shall you have want, for that which is left over I will require of you to give away and if you lack it will be given to you, for I will reveal myself among you.  Soon there will come to you a train of people.  It will not be a long time before they come, neither a short time, but in due time they will come.  They will come unto you having been raped and beaten of the world.  Some will come desiring to be clothed upon with my reality and presence and some will come desiring to be clothed and fed.  Do not make a difference among them.  Do not be alarmed � I have watchmen upon the wall and I will judge among them!  And I will send you out among the nations of the earth, for my people shall be united because of the words that I have placed within you.  I have raised up apostles greater than Paul and prophets greater than Stephen, but the glory shall be mine.  I cannot say to you emphatically enough that the time that I have trained you for is at hand.  Wash thyself and put on a new garment and prepare to meet your King.

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