Tuesday, March 6, 2012


From the moment his death sentence was handed down, mankind sought to be justified unto life. His defense strategy was to shift the guilt of his sin to
another person, to the overwhelming diabolical nature of his adversary, or to the very Judge who mandated his death.  Court was closed, the verdict was unchanged, but at once full Pardon was promised, such Pardon to be manifestly offered in due time.  However, even now, long after the promise has been kept, most of mankind yet refuses Pardon’s conditions and continues its plea of self-justification. 

Over time the defense has maintained its failed strategy, but it has more clearly defined its appeal.  That person deceived me.  I was never taught better.  I just didn’t understand.  I was the victim of the “Great Spirit of Deceit.”  God Himself weakened me by giving me that “woman.”  It’s my genetics: I was born this way.  I was tempted beyond that I was able to resist.  I had no choice.  Someone forced me to do it.  That’s my job description.  The boss told me I had to or be fired.  I had to do it for the sake of my wife, my kids, for my parents.  I had the greater good in mind.  I was angry; I was sad; I was mad; I was out of my mind.  I just do not know what came over me.  However, for all this, the Court has rejected every appeal outside the Pardon.

But could there be hope in one of man’s latest appeals?  I speak of the class action popularly known as “Everybody’s doing it.”  Counsel has advised that if anyone can recruit enough active participation in his offence, then a new hearing may be granted and the verdict of “sin earns death” might be overturned.  Additionally, if he can gain the recognition and endorsement of those that are non-participants in his transgression, especially those of religious persuasion, his justification and a verdict of “not guilty” might surely be considered.  However, no matter the nature of his case, neither the Judge nor the Court will ever approve any appeal outside the Pardon, for all involved in these ongoing proceedings understand that man seeks justification in his sin, and, truth is, man can never be justified in his sin.  However, he can be justified from his sin, but only the Pardon can do that.

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