Thursday, August 27, 2020


August 30, 2020.  Look out your window.  Take a close look America at our nation, our Christian Church, our Christian families.  Are you pleased with what you see?

Genesis 3.  The judgment of God? No way!  If we apply a Bible principle, we will receive the promised Bible result of its application; if we abandon that Bible principle we abort its promise. It is our choice to make and our result to receive. We be the judge.

The New Testament clearly defines male and female roles in reference to
the governing order of the Christian family and the Christian Church. These same gender principles and accompanying blessings also apply to any greater institution of government adopting the Bible as its guide.

August 18, 1920. America stepped away from its biblical definition of gender role in its government, radically changed its constitution and gave its women the right to vote. No longer did the man cast one vote for his whole family, but his wife now had the ability to double his voting power, or, she could abort his vote if his opinion didn't agree with her own. In effect, the woman would now be voting for the whole family.

In the years following, our nation, our Christian families, and our Christian Churches have made many gender role changes. Most of them have abandoned Bible principles, and as they have, the Bible blessings have ceased.  The judgment of God? No Way!  Apply a Bible principle and receive the promised Bible result; abandon that Bible principle and abort the promise. We be the judge.

August 18, 2020.  100 years later.  Look out your window.  Take a close look at our nation, our Christian Churches, our Christian families.  How are these role changes working out for us America: for our nation; for our Christian Churches; for our Christian families?  God's judgment?    No way!  We be the judge.

Ephesians 5:22-33

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