Saturday, July 18, 2020


July 4, 2020: a day in the American “Melting Pot” marked by sharp division according to color, culture, national origin, age, sex, religion, politics, hairstyles, and so on and on it seems without end. This should not be. 

If not for God there would be no earth, no America in the earth, nor would any of our Ancestors have ever lived here. If not for the lives of all our ancestors,
perhaps we would none be here enjoying together our “Independence Day” in the most free and prosperous nation ever formed in the earth to this date.

If not for the Ancestors of the Red Man, the Ancestors of the White Man may not have survived here. If not for the Ancestors of the White Man, the Ancestors of the Black Man might never have gotten here. If not for the Ancestors of the Black Man, the Ancestors of the White Man might have been financially unable to afford a war for independence.

If not for God's allowing all our Ancestors to be here together, as painful as it was for most all of them, today's America certainly would not be. Today's Black American might yet be in Africa, today's White American might yet be a servant of the Queen and today's Red American might still be sleeping in his wigwam. I thank God for our Black, White, and Red American Ancestors; and, I thank God for all the colors and nationalities that have become Americans since our nation's beginning. Each has contributed his share to the building of this country I love and to its liberty that I enjoy. Again, I thank God for All of our Ancestors, for they each paid a huge price, many with their life's blood, to afford for “U.S.” this, our day in America, July 4, 2020.

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