Friday, August 3, 2018


Instead of typing every small detail again I'll just condense the vision down to the basics and some of the meaning that I understand.

First let me mention that for at least 3 days prior I felt that I was sort of "on hold" with heaven for an incoming message. I felt like heaven's switchboard had called and said please stay on the line and be prepared
for an incoming message. Or, like when you are waiting for something important to come in the mail. During those days I was anxious, not knowing what was about to happen but was full of anticipation. I didn't know specifically that I was going to have a dream or vision but I felt like God wanted me to be ready for something. It finally came at 2am Wednesday morning. Afterwards, all day yesterday (Wednesday), I was very emotionally exhausted and could hardly think of anything else. I spent several hours trying to remember every detail and typed what I could put into words and then unfortunately lost the entire document before I saved or printed it.

In the dream I was in a desperate situation and couldn't find any help. No one that I came into contact with would help. People were nice and cordial, or, at least pretended to be, but they didn't know how desperate I was. I wanted to communicate my need but couldn't. Near the end of the dream, after much traveling and escaping dangerous situations and hard work and anguish (which is an understatement), I managed to get a 911 dispatcher on the phone who instantly opened my eyes (This was extremely powerful. It was more like a vision that you would normally have while you are awake). In a sense he said, “It's not what you think. Look around you (that statement was very potent). Immediately a veil was lifted from my understanding and I saw that in the dream I had played the part of the unredeemed, and that the people that wouldn't listen or help me was myself and other Christians. I had been allowed to feel their desperate need for spiritual help. There was so much more understanding that came in that instant (with the 911 dispatcher) that even yesterday in the hours of trying to remember and type I couldn't find the words to say. But here are the biggest things I understood:

The most profound thing I understood is that we have got to be kind and love the people in the world and go a step beyond our comfort zones. Most people do not know who to trust or do not know if they can trust anyone at all. (Interesting that our church service here last night was titled "Be Kind To One Another" and was all about being kind to those that aren't Christians.)

Another understanding was that darkness is ever increasing and people don't realize that they are in need of Jesus. Their hearts are longing for Him but they do not realize it and do not know how to ask for help. So many world systems are driven by darkness and deceit and there is a powerful force purposely keeping people in darkness and it's a lot worse than the devil we see on TV, or grew up hearing about. Gross deceit, deception, and darkness is the only way that I can describe it. 

There are people in authority who spend their time trying to invent new ways to make people suffer.

Also, that there are many people that are not only spirituality sick but also physically sick and I am guilty of going through the motions but do not take the time to get involved or suffer with them as they are suffering.

Most of the people in the dream that I came into contact with actually had bad intentions. They represented people in the church that feed on the suffering. The trouble was that the people with bad intentions were the ones most willing to get involved. 

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