Saturday, October 15, 2016


Election ’92 was a decision for money over morals.  We received exactly what we voted for, and, while we were counting our money, our morality slipped into the past.  Never mind.  Monetary might, military muscle, and political power really don’t need the moral mind.

Election 2000 was soon followed by Violation 911; which violation clearly revealed the vulnerability of
our monetary might and military muscle. But for the sacrifice of a few selfless souls on an aircraft, our political power would also have been ravaged.

Election ’08 was a vote for change in political power.  And change we have.  With the moral mind having been voted out in ’92 and money’s might and military muscle having been violated in 911, political power has had a free hand.

Election 2012 finds two political wings frantically flailing one another with total disregard for the reason of their existence: to fly the bird together.  Either wing alone insures us a hard, chaotic landing, and for another season we are in grave danger of political power using money’s might and military muscle with no moral mind.

Election “God only knows when” will someday bring a reinstitution of the moral mind wherein our genuine concern for others mandates our careful control of money’s might, military muscle, and political power.  God, bring the day.

Written by Bobby Norton
June 2012

Addendum October 14, 2016:

Election 2016 may just bring the consequential consummation of all of the above: the total loss of the national moral mind, the complete collapse of our monetary might and the eventual emaciation of our military muscle, all this at the hand of unrestrained political power. 

The day of God’s Election may be closer than we think.

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