Monday, August 29, 2016


A group of rich men were speaking together about their fortunes over coffee one morning.  After a while, one of the men proposed that there was only one honest way to make a million dollars.  With one voice the group
inquired, “What’s that?”  The man replied with a knowing grin, “I didn’t think any of you would know.”

It is said that Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor.  Of course, he kept back “a little” for himself and his merry men.  Since everyone knew that the rich had made their money off the backs of the poor, no one really minded, except, of course, the rich.  And so was laid the foundation of modern America’s concept of wealth redistribution.

Our general consensus seems to have become that if any one of us is wealthy, he stole his money from the rest of us.  Therefore, we cheer on Robin Hood, “Take it all away from all of them!!  They’re all a bunch of crooks!!”

Many of us believe Robin Hood should strip even men like Bill Gates of all that money he’s made and redistribute it to the rest of us.  After all, he did make it off the rest of us.  We will gladly give up all the jobs he created around the world.   And, of course, we’ll give back all those computer products he has given us for our businesses and our homes.  After all, we enjoyed life in the ‘50’s.

If one steals his money, let Robin Hood take it from him and redistribute it (and, of course, let him keep “a little” for himself and his merry men).  If through the honest purchase and resale of our labor and the manufacture of legal products to the good of us all someone becomes rich, much better if Robin Hood leave him alone.   Not to worry.  As soon as he dies, his heirs will handle the wealth redistribution.     

Written from the Middle by
Bobby Norton

July 23, 2009

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