Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Our nation’s affluence has created the widespread deception that sin’s season of pleasure is well worth what we pay for the temporary relief of its consequence.  In this deception we daily bankrupt ourselves while making obscenely rich not only those who cater to our perverse longings, but also those who offer remedy for the just due of the same.  This we do rather than to abandon our wanton ways and cultivate an acquired immunity through the cessation of sin and exercise of self-control.  The latest fad pill may be pricey, but it offers the privilege of personal choice and the alleviation of the ensuing consequences while never imposing the dreaded discipline of informed prevention.  The goodly portion of our GNP spent to counteract the deadly consequences of preventable disease and injury evidently appears to us a small price to pay for the privilege of our personal preference of perverse living.  But know this: a pill, a condom, a by-pass, a cocktail of drugs or any other of our myriad “available-to-those-who-can-afford-them” remedies can at best offer us only a temporary stay of execution.  The choices we make today will determine our health of tomorrow and the inevitable result of willful sin is still death.  

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