Monday, December 5, 2011

AESOP’S FABLE (The Simile) and AESOP’S FABLE (The Reality)

In her relatively brief existence America has benefited the world with her wealth as no other people that came before her.  Now many nations which have gratefully received her aid would repeat the folly of the couple from Aesop’s fable and “gut the Goose to get the gold.”  Worse still, some under the very cover of her wings, by likewise taking all and returning nothing, would effectively compromise her health for a bigger share of the egg.

And, if this were not enough
to be concerned with, we also have among us those of righteous but deluded intent, who, in the name of “egg for everybody” would “fundamentally change” the Goose.  Apparently these do not understand that if we change the Goose, we change the egg, or, worse yet, she may just stop laying altogether, in which case there will be a lot of goslings to feed without the gold the Goose provides.

There are those that come from places near and far just to get a share of the golden egg, all the while demanding that our Goose alter her life to resemble the Goose they left behind.  If the Goose we left behind could lay the egg we want, what are we doing here?  Can we not understand that it is the Goose as she was that produced what we have been enjoying?  Rather than changing her to “the way we did it back home,” why not just go back home?

But then there are those of religious persuasion who fully understand that to gut the Goose is to forfeit the egg.  Neither does their pretentious ambition to provide egg for everybody hold any hint of reality.  These would control what goes into the gut of the Goose and pen her for “higher” purposes.  Having been from a hatchling on a regular diet of Bible Christianity and enjoying the free range liberty that accompanies its practice until about mid twentieth century, the Goose faithfully laid its daily egg of ever increasing size.  Since then her diet has been gradually changed to become a mixed feed of innocuous Churchanity, religious tradition and pure paganism.  And, wouldn’t you know the unexpected but very real result?  The Goose is growing too weak to leave the pen.  And, when on occasion she does lay, the egg we are all after is of lesser quality and is much smaller, for not only is the Goose what she eats, but so also is her egg.  

Conclusion?  The same as the moral of Aesop’s famed fable: By none of these means or any other “gut the Goose” or for any reason “change the Goose” lest you be without any gold at all.

                    AESOP’S FABLE (The Reality)

America has a problem: everyone wants her wealth; few consider her health.  Many nations, being friends in need, wish her destroyed when the aid is necessarily withdrawn.  More and more her own people “take it all and give nothing back.”  Wealth redistribution, taking from the “wealthy” and giving to the willfully workless, (not to be confused with those that cannot work) is becoming national policy.  We the liberated, far too often physically diseased and/or disabled for the sake of personal lifestyle choices, demand more public funded health care remedies for our acquired illnesses.  Immigrants, legal and illegal, insist on a bigger share of the American pie without even a “thank you” in English.  Religion reaps the benefit of our benevolence while affording us only the doctrines and disciplines that keep the money flowing into its own coffers.

If America is to be healthy and wealthy again, she must resolve these issues and countless more.  The source of our nation’s well-being and prosperity has been from the beginning Bible Christianity.  The solution to her problems will come from that same source.  In a word, for our own health and wealth, read the Book.  Meet its Author.  Practice its Precepts.

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