Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We too often underestimate the influence of religion on government.  The assigned attributes of the prevalent deity of a people group will, consciously and/or unconsciously, determine their acceptance or rejection of a given form of government.  Also, the perceived gender characteristics of that deity are
of primary consequence in that acceptance or rejection.  If the characteristics assigned their god are predominantly masculine, they will readily receive a government that demonstrates masculine traits.  The extreme of this form is a dictatorship.  The opposite is true if their god is perceived as predominantly feminine in character.  The extreme in this case is socialism.

If government is to be changed, religion must first be changed.  As American religion has more and more emphasized the feminine characteristics of its dominant deity, so has it also proportionately rejected the gender-balanced philosophies of a democratic republic and accepted the feministic precepts of extreme socialism.  

We are at present preparing to withdraw our military force from some nations which were formerly under dictatorships.  Some of those nations now have established democracies.  The prevalent religion of some of those “democratic” nations is masculine-dominant with precious little feminine balance.  In the moment our military clears their borders, another dictator will take his seat at the head of their government.  Oh, yes, it may yet be called a democracy, but, just as it has been with many other nations, the people groups will receive a dictator and this because of their masculine-dominant religious beliefs.   Again, if we are to change a government, we must first change the religion of the people under its authority.

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