Wednesday, November 2, 2011


America has a problem: everyone wants her wealth; few consider her health.  Many nations, being friends in need, wish her destroyed when their aid is necessarily withdrawn.  More and more her own people "take it all" and give nothing back.  Wealth redistribution (taking from the wealthy and giving to the willfully workless (not to be confused with those who cannot work) is becoming
national policy.  We the liberated, far too often physically diseased and/or disabled for the sake of personal lifestyle choices, demand more public funded health care remedies for our acquired infirmities.  Immigrants, legal and illegal, insist on a bigger share of the American pie without even a “thank you” in English.  And, religion reaps the benefit of our benevolence while affording us only the doctrines and disciplines that keep the money flowing into its own coffers.

If America is to be healthy and wealthy again, she must resolve these issues and countless more.  The source of our nation’s well-being and prosperity is, and has been from the beginning, Bible Christianity.  The solution to her problems will come from that same source.  In a word, for our own health and wealth, read the Book.  Meet its Author.  Practice its Precepts.  

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