Monday, October 24, 2011

History of Pastor Mohamad Yasin and New Life - and recent letter

I met Pastor Mohamad Yasin in 1994 at his home in Bartica, a small town about fifty miles upriver from Georgetown, Guyana.  In his youth he was a devout Muslim, but he committed his life to Jesus Christ in 1961 when he witnessed his teacher being completely healed of heart disease in a Christian evangelistic meeting.  For fifty years now he has served God, forty seven of them as a full-time missionary to the Amerindians of Guyana's interior.  In 1968 Pastor Yasin pioneered Bartica Full Gospel Church and has served since that time as their Pastor.  He has, as well, continued his mission to the Amerindian people.  Truly, a visit with him is as a visit to the living reality of the Book of Acts.
Pastor Yasin and I have remained in fellowship through visits, phone and letters since we met.  He has deeply enriched and encouraged me and our Church fellowship over these years.  This is a recent letter from our Brother:
Dearest Pastor Bobby,
Love and greetings from all of us here.  Hope this letter reaches each one of you in good health.  The Lord is for us.  I hope someday soon I'll see you in Guyana again.  All things are possible with him.  You are welcome.
I performed a big funeral service at Bartica of a husband and his wife who died at the same time in an accident in the interior.  The wife was six months pregnant at the time of her death.  How sad.  There were about 600 people at the funeral service.  After preaching a salvation message on "Death and Eternity" for one hour or so, I asked the entire congregation to repeat a prayer for salvation.  They were all loud and clear.  I hope they were sincere and that they will walk with Jesus.
Incidentally, I performed the marriage of the young couple about two years ago at the same spot in the church where their caskets were placed.  I was filled with inner grief and pain.   
Over the past two weeks, I visited and ministered at Cuyuni, Karrow, Falmouth and Semerin [These are Amerindian villages where Pastor has evangelized and established Churches].  Many unsaved became Christians.  We also prayed for the people of God in the meetings.  They were stirred and encouraged by the power of God.
Despite battles and trials, Bartica Church is steady.  The Lord is holding his people.  He cares for us.
I shall be performing two more weddings this week-end at Bartica.
Thanks for your prayers for us.  We value it.  Love to all.  Hope to hear again from you.  The Lord bless you dear brother and friend.  Bye.
In Him
Pastor Mohamad Yasin

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