Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ronnie Coleman

What has happened to my world? I walked there for a time. It does not seem
that long ago. Or that far away. All the people and the places..that made me who I am. They have vanished like a morning mist..
When the sun has warmed the ground. Yet they live on....somewhere deep
inside. All the people and the places. That sowed poetry...in my soul

There was a.man who found a.piece of wood
It was not particularly beautiful. Just a plain piece of wood. Some might say

ugly. He picked it up, felt the weight of it in his hands, and then he put it aside,
to go and think upon it. After a few days he returned and picked it up again.
He ran his hands across it, felt its texture. But this time he heard it's voice...felt
its cry to become what it was meant to be...so he took it home to his shop and
began to work with it. Soon, something else began to emerge from this ugly
piece of wood. Its inner beauty had been released! Now many came to admire
what they once would have disdained! But who gained the most, the piece of
wood or the man?
Part 2. ........... .. Both, equally. Because to release the beauty inside another,
we must recognize and share the beauty inside us. Moral: Don't be afraid to
handle the ugly thing! It may be YOUR beauty that is released!

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