Thursday, May 25, 2017


I do not have the ability to walk this walk.  My strength is not strong enough, my will is not determined enough, my character is not pure enough.  But when we are
as diminished as Gideon, when we are as broken as David, when we are as helpless as Paul and Silas in chains, then we will see the power of His name!  We forget that this is a supernatural walk and only the power of His presence will carry us through!  The glory will truly be attributed to Him and Him alone!  His Word concerning every situation will not return unto Him void of results.  Therefore, if we are to glory, let us glory in our trials, for when the situation is hopeless, it is only by His spirit that we are delivered and only to Him who is the only true and living God will our praise and worship be given.  Worthy is He who alone was able to open the seals!

Ronnie Coleman

May, 2017

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