Monday, November 16, 2015


It is all about relationship, not gifting or abilities! I must come into his very presence, into the secret place of the Most High. We could talk about
many places in the Scripture that represent this place, such as the tent of Boaz or the Holy of Holies, but in reality it is that place where we find ourselves alone with God. It should be a familiar place to all believers, for if we are to be affected by the atmosphere found there, we must spend much time there alone with our father. It can be a painful place because that is where God will separate our chaff from us. It is sometimes a lonely place, but ultimately it is the place where God begins to work his will into our lives. It is not the realm of the law, for that was a realm of veiled faces, but the secret place is the realm of open face relationship: nothing is, or can be, hidden! There I am moved out of the realm of disappointment and into the realm of divine appointment. There also I learn how to identify and approve the excellent things of the father.

Ronnie Coleman


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