Friday, July 10, 2015


Most of us have been at some time recognized and commended for our potential.  You will certainly grow to be a great this or that.  You would make a
dynamite so and so.  Why, if you would just push a little, you could……  

A seed has the potential of becoming a plant if the right conditions are provided for the seed to germinate. Dynamite contains the potential to remove material hundreds of times its own weight, but only if it is ignited. The potential stored in a train balanced on a hill will only become kinetic if it is moved past its place of rest.

Christ in a Christian has the potential of growing in the glory and grace of God if the right conditions are provided.  Spiritual dunamis (power) in a Christian has the potential to free creation from the bondage of corruption, but only if it is ignited. The potential stored in the Kingdom of God within and among us becomes kinetic enough to envelope the nations only when someone moves it from its place of rest and preaches it to the ends of the earth.

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us (Eph 3:20).  God is definitely able.  The power, the potential, is in us, but whether that potential becomes kinetic and works in us is our decision; it depends upon our taking the initiative.  If we will not, potential cannot.  Pastor Kelley Varner often said of such things, “Potential and fifty cents will buy you a cup of coffee” (a cup of coffee at the time cost about fifty cents). 

Again, releasing our potential is our decision; it depends on our taking the initiative.  We alone can provide the conditions.  We alone can ignite the “dunamis.”  We alone can preach and move the Kingdom.  Now hear another of Pastor Varner’s sayings: “All this is like a FRAM oil filter: you can pay me now or pay me later, but, if you pay me later, it will cost you more.”  The price of coffee and oil filters continues to rise with passing time; and, so does the expense of releasing our potential.

Written by
Bobby Norton
July 10, 2015

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