Wednesday, May 29, 2013


            We hear much about bundling today.  You can have your cable TV, telephone, internet, and so on in one package.  In fact, you can bundle almost anything these days.  However, bundling didn’t just start in our time.  It has been around for a long time.

            It appears that God was the author of bundling.  In fact, God Himself is a bundle, being Father, Son and Holy Ghost in one Person.  The first Adam was also a bundle of people, as were the children of Israel when they were brought out of Egypt and taken through the Red Sea together.   The Lord bundled Noah and his family along with animals of every kind  into one Ark that He might save them from destruction.  Good thing, for the same water that floated the Ark and its bundle brought
total devastation to every other living thing.

            You can also see God doing some bundling through Jesus the Christ, the last Adam, in bringing all those who believe into one identity.  Race, gender, age or name doesn’t matter now for all are gathered in one Name: bundled into Christ.  And, unlike the telephone and the internet, there is no monthly bill for this bundling.  Jesus paid the bill in full on the cross.

            God seems to do this bundling at the end of every age.  In Matthew 13 the parable of the wheat and the tares reveals a bundling at the end of this present age (Matt 13:30).  And, it seems that day is upon us as there is presently a coming together of evil against all that is Truthful and Godly.  This evil may think this is its own agenda, but what if God is doing His bundling again?  I also see God at once bundling His own people together for an end-of-the-age purpose: coming to the unity of the faith for the work of the ministry (Eph 4).

Like the wheat and the tares we are all growing in the same field (in the world), so let us work while it is yet day.  Christian, you have been given the ministry of reconciliation, that is, you are to tell all that God through Jesus Christ reconciled the world to Himself.  Let us tell others what is already done for us all: while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.  We should bring as many tares as we can into the love of Christ and into the bundle of those having life everlasting.  God is a Spirit, God is Love and God is a consuming fire, yet one bundle called our Father; and, through Christ, we are all one bundle with Him.

Carl Hewett

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