Monday, April 16, 2012

No Doubt About It

Our brother Linwood sings a song at church from time to time, and it's words say something like this "The next time He comes, it won't be as a meek lamb". Well, what a confirmation came this week, not only for our church but for all who can receive it.

It starts with the question .....
"Has anyone noticed the outpouring of God lately?" The amazing things He is doing with mankind, waking up many, turning our youth to Him with a fire like never before, healing the sick, providing for the poor, on and on and on all over the world.

What we are experiencing is the tiniest drop of His glory, the very outer rim of the clouds of a hurricane swirling on it's way toward us.

No doubt about it, He has been dispatched and is on His way. Rejoice because if what we have seen lately is just a tiniest morsel of His glory, then we cannot comprehend the whole of Him. He is massive, powerful, nothing can (nor will) stand but Him.

The adversary will be billowing up his feathers, no doubt, like a bird trying to look bigger than he is. But our God FAR SURPASSES any puff of smoke the adversary can project.

God created him (the adversary), and God is supreme over him, and God did not create him just a tiny bit lower than Himself, either. The adversary is far below the power and presence of God.

Praise the Lord - In the spirit of the bride we say Come, Lord Jesus, Come. We await your arrival and sense in our spirits You are on Your way - At Last. Let us receive more and more of You as the days till Your appearance in the sky become shorter. We await with eager hearts, using the authority You have given us to bind and build, In Your Precious and Powerful Name.

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