Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This from Brother Chad - Please Answer me

I wipe the sleep from my eyes, and put this rig in gear.
After spending another restless night, asking God to make His purpose clear.
I thought I needed growing, that was why I am on the road.
But another day and another load, to me His purpose has not showed.
Some have said God will send me home... when the time is right I'll see.
After three long and lonely years, homes where I'm still wishing to be.
I've run these roads from coast to coast, each day I'm giving it my best.
But my spirit is taking a beating and I'm longing for a rest.
God is here I can feel Him, and if I look I see Him all around.
He's the sunrise in the morning, and He's there when it lays back down.
He's in the many churches that I pass going from town to town.
He's with the homeless in the cities who are sleeping on the ground.
He's watching the little children in the traffic... wanting me to blow my horn as they go by.
He's with the grief struck family, who's lost a loved one, in that truck laying on it's side.
God is all around us if we'll take the time to look.

You may be saying to yourself I've looked and He can't be seen.
Or maybe your saying I've asked and He hasn't answered me
I wonder as I write this if He's already answered me.

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