Monday, March 21, 2011

This is from Brother Chad

A passion burning deep inside, a longing for the truth. How my heart is crying out, my actions still aloof.
The dawning of each new day, an opportunity,sent by grace.
Will we bold in the shadow stand, or will we hide our face.
We have watched the seasons go by, some sat and took them in. Now the heavens are crying out for our idle souls to rise and move again.
We worry so much if what we do in some way will offend. So I say to you do nothing, and you'll receive nothing in the end.
We need to keep on bending, bending til we break.
But be warned; to bend is not so easy if your worried about mistakes.
I challenge everyone of us be willing to bend until we break, and when the moment comes when we finally break take joy in that because it was done for our Fathers sake.

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