Monday, December 3, 2018

Steve Hobbs dropped a phrase into my spirit this morning...
"This issue of the Christ". .That is exactly what the religious leaders of Israel had to grapple with after Jesus came on the scene! That is exactly what every person has
to find an answer to, at sometime in their life and that is exactly what our nation is struggling with right now! This may seem like a struggle between two opposing philosophies, between two ideologies, or between opposite ideas concerning the future direction of our nation! But listen ... The issue is about the Christ! He is who he said he was...the only begotten of the Father. He did what was reported about Him..
defeated death, hell and the grave and this Christ, who has been given a name far superior to any other name, must be dealt with, for He is not going away! So it is either darkness or light, it is either life or death, it is either truth or deception that lies at our door! There is only one answer...Jesus Christ the son of God! He said"I am THE way, THE truth and THE life". May we carefully ponder our decision, both as individuals and as a nation!

Ronnie Coleman

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