Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The marriage of two dissimilar woods was conceived in the heart and performed by the hand of the Craftsman.  He would choose them carefully and then join them in such complimenting way that the two should become one inseparable wood.  Then, time and effort would
form them together an image, likeness and glory neither could ever assume alone.

Whatsoever the Craftsman hath joined together….  (Taken from Matt 19:4-6)

My brother Joe is a craftsman of wood by trade who freely expresses his political and social insights to any who will listen.  As well, he often writes his congressmen and speaks with talk radio hosts about his concerns.  The recent redefinition of marriage is one of those concerns that he has spoken and written of, but has recently expressed as well through his woodcraft in a creation he has christened “The Marriage Mirror.”

Now, biblically speaking, why would my brother call his joining of two dissimilar woods and a piece of silvered glass the “Marriage Mirror?”
1          The meticulous choice of materials and sterling craftsmanship of the whole work speak volumes about the expectations and the realities of the divine institution of marriage as defined in Scripture
2          The joining of the two dissimilar woods is typical of the inseparable, completely complimenting nature of the biblically defined marriage of one man and one woman to become a singular expression of divine intent with unique purpose and beauty that neither could achieve alone
3         A man and a woman in a right biblical relationship mirror the image, likeness and glory of the invisible God to this visible environment (Rom 1:20).  Note: to mar this image is a most extreme form of idolatry (Gen 1:26-28; Rom 1; 1 Cor 6:15-20; 1 Cor 10:7-14)
4          A biblical marriage mirrors the mystical union of Christ and His Church and mirrors as well His hope of bringing many sons unto glory (Rev 19:7-9; Heb 2:9-15)
Certainly, most of us are aware that the institution identified by the word “marriage” has recently undergone redefinition by our highest of courts.  Now we should also be aware that in redefining marriage, we must now redefine every word related to the institution’s appearance, function and influence: Dad; Mom; children; home; family; etc.

If civil recognition, legal rights, social equality and protection were the entire motive for such change, would we not have created new words, words legally and socially recognized, and have assigned to them the definitive description of these differing institutions rather than afford them place under the umbrella of marriage, thus allowing the definition of this ancient and, to some of us, sacred word (which word’s definition even preceded the word itself) to remain as it is found in the biblical record of mankind’s beginning (Gen 2:24)?

I suggest to you that this change was for the sake of more change to come, that this “Pandora’s box” will not see its lid again and that its proceeds will continue till all we have known and cherished as Christian America is at an end (This end was envisioned by many when our highest civil authority declared, “America is not a Christian nation!”).  Furthermore, I suggest to you that events subsequent to this change of definition have already lent support sufficient to make my statement appear more than just idle hypothesis. 

So, what now?  From henceforth, because of such confused definition, when someone asks if you are married you might of necessity take time to explain of what sort your marriage is.  I offer to you that the addition of a certain modifier preceding the word marriage may save you some time and at once clear all the confusion (no matter the violence, past, present or future, done to the definition of the word): “With God’s help, I have a biblical marriage.” 

Bobby Norton

May 31, 2016

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