Thursday, October 18, 2012


Saints of God, we all as Christians are feeling this tremendous burden. My prayer is that we are separated to the Lord our Savior. It’s hard to bear and I find myself always sitting in front of a TV or computer or radio trying to ignore it, but all this does is make it more grieving. We should surrender to Him completely. 

We always have our Christian radio and our Christian books and our Christian conversations which are important but it is a time that there are no more substitutes
for Jesus Himself and His Word. I knew all along that this was the right way but always settled for less than the best; enjoying the "trimmings" rather than the "steak," as I once heard it. This burden for Him is so much that it hurts. 

Why does our flesh resist? I say that I would gladly lay my life down for Him but I can't even get my appetite under control. I long for Him to take me in my sleep but we need to be overcomers, not escapers. He gives me dreams and understanding of things, but I don't know what to do with them in this world we live in. Please let me not disregard His gifting and grieve the Spirit and heart of our Creator.
 It seems the government of this world is becoming a god in its self and is having a vacuuming effect on people's minds. Time is passing so much faster now than it use to and it’s hard to even focus with so many things grabbing our attention. It is time to be sober, be still, and trust in His promises. The Word of God should not only be "in" our hearts but it should “be” our heart and breath and our very life.
Robbie Auman

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